Month: March 2010

Ancestral Journey

Title: Ancestral Journey
Show Duration: 3:15
Price: $200 (Music Only)
Difficulty: Entry Level
Mallet Score: James Hendrix
Battery Score: James Hendrix
Drill Available: Yes (Custom Only)

From our Entry Level Series, this piece is designed for groups interested in an easier version of Tribal Rites. The show concept is very similar. The work opens slow and ominous and builds to a intense war scene at the close.

This is sure to be a crowd pleaser and is perfect for groups new to the indoor marching arena. Part Customization as well as Custom Drill is available.

This show is currently incomplete. For a sample of drill and audio use this link.

For purchase information please email: [email protected]

Difficulty Info

Modular Music Productions is committed to designing our music to fit the growing needs of any group.

Beginner- 2:30-4:00 Minutes
Our Beginner series is a non-competition series designed for young performance groups. This series focuses on core techniques and fundamentals that will help your students grow as players, but also provide a captivating and exciting performance that your students and fans will enjoy. These pieces are generally limited to 4 time/meter or key changes and utilize rudiments directly from select PAS 40 rudiments.

Easy- 4:00-4:30 Minutes
Our Easy series is a competition length series designed to move younger groups into the competition circuit while still working fundamental techniques. This series begins to move into more complex, yet very attainable, tonalities and rhythmic structures. These pieces begin incorporating a limited number of hybrid rudiments as well as select PAS 40 rudiments. They generally contain 5 time/meter or key changes in mp3 to midi files. They are a perfect next step for groups that have previously performed from the beginner series.

Intermediate – 4:00-5:30 Minutes
Our Intermediate series is a competition ready production designed for more experienced ensembles. These pieces begin to take students to advanced tonalities as well as incorporate more hybrid and PAS 40 Rudiments. Secondly, these begin to move beyond 3 and 4 part harmonies into more complex and sometimes 20th-century techniques but are still limited to 6 time/meter or key changes.

Advanced – 4:00-6:00 Minutes
Our Advanced series consists of “anything goes” music. This is generally challenging music designed for very experienced ensembles. These productions will occasionally require players to do more than just play and march. Complicated visuals and drill suggestions will be noted to help improve the general effect of the performance. Tempo, Meter, and Key Changes are not limited in this series.