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Title: Utopia
Show Duration: 4:30
Price: $175 (Music Only)
Difficulty: Intermediate
Mallet Score: Drew Morris
Battery Score: James Hendrix and Drew Morris
Drill Available: Yes (Stock and Custom)

Utopia is a musical portrayal of a fictional city whose gleaming buildings are nothing but a façade. Throughout the piece, the perfect society is exposed for what it truly is, a lie built on the sweat and hard work of the working class. Eventually, the workers have enough and the piece ends with an exciting musical revolution.

Utopia is an intermediate contest piece. It is designed for a group with moderate experience. The production opens with light mallet and cabasa building to the first full ensemble hit at letter A. The first half of the piece is filled with lots of interplay between the drumline and pit. The middle of the piece, the “Depression” section is a mallet feature with a chance for the drumline to march more complex drill while they don’t have to worry about playing. When the drumline enters again, the music reaches the “Factory” section, a great general effect moment, this is one of the more challenging mallet sections. There are 8 measures of alternating solos in the keyboards with quite a bit of chromaticism. After the Factory, the drumline gets their chance to play their solo features and the show finishes with the “Revolution” a high intensity 12/8 finishing section.

Leave your audience wanting more with this exciting composition. Part Customization, as well as Custom Drill is available.

Utopia Audio Sample (960KB / Time- 1:00) (MP3 Audio File)

Utopia Score Sample (190KB / Pages 1, 4, and 6) (XPS Document)

For purchase information please email: [email protected]

Tribal Rites

Title: Tribal Rites
Show Duration: 4:00
Price: $200 (Music Only)
Difficulty: Advanced
Mallet Score: James Hendrix
Battery Score: James Hendrix
Drill Available: Yes (Custom Only)

From our Advanced Series, Tribal Rites is written to evoke the feel and spirit of ancient tribal lands. The music begins with a slow mysterious build using repeated rhythmic figures in all parts that segue into a small feature for the battery percussion. The piece then transitions into a 12/8 section that allows the mallet percussion to take the lead as the battery adds visual interest to the performance. The 12/8 section is closed with high energy at the initial tempo. Then the music suddenly changes speed through use of a metric modulation. The section that follows gives extended features to each battery group and is ended with a large and violent opportunity for the mallet percussion to add visual interest to the piece. Tribal Rites finally comes to a close with a richly textured tribal groove and transition into and exciting and intense finish.

This is sure to be a crowd pleaser and will make your group sound great. Part Customization, as well as Custom Drill, is available.

Tribal Rites Audio Sample ( KB / Time- 1:04 ) (MP3 Audio File)

Tribal Rites Score Sample (193 KB / Pages 1-3) (XPS Document)

For purchase information please email: [email protected]

Ancestral Journey

Title: Ancestral Journey
Show Duration: 3:15
Price: $200 (Music Only)
Difficulty: Entry Level
Mallet Score: James Hendrix
Battery Score: James Hendrix
Drill Available: Yes (Custom Only)

From our Entry Level Series, this piece is designed for groups interested in an easier version of Tribal Rites. The show concept is very similar. The work opens slow and ominous and builds to a intense war scene at the close.

This is sure to be a crowd pleaser and is perfect for groups new to the indoor marching arena. Part Customization as well as Custom Drill is available.

This show is currently incomplete. For a sample of drill and audio use this link.

For purchase information please email: [email protected]

Difficulty Info

Modular Music Productions is committed to designing our music to fit the growing needs of any group.

Beginner- 2:30-4:00 Minutes
Our Beginner series is a non-competition series designed for young performance groups. This series focuses on core techniques and fundamentals that will help your students grow as players, but also provide a captivating and exciting performance that your students and fans will enjoy. These pieces are generally limited to 4 time/meter or key changes and utilize rudiments directly from select PAS 40 rudiments.

Easy- 4:00-4:30 Minutes
Our Easy series is a competition length series designed to move younger groups into the competition circuit while still working fundamental techniques. This series begins to move into more complex, yet very attainable, tonalities and rhythmic structures. These pieces begin incorporating a limited number of hybrid rudiments as well as select PAS 40 rudiments. They generally contain 5 time/meter or key changes in mp3 to midi files. They are a perfect next step for groups that have previously performed from the beginner series.

Intermediate – 4:00-5:30 Minutes
Our Intermediate series is a competition ready production designed for more experienced ensembles. These pieces begin to take students to advanced tonalities as well as incorporate more hybrid and PAS 40 Rudiments. Secondly, these begin to move beyond 3 and 4 part harmonies into more complex and sometimes 20th-century techniques but are still limited to 6 time/meter or key changes.

Advanced – 4:00-6:00 Minutes
Our Advanced series consists of “anything goes” music. This is generally challenging music designed for very experienced ensembles. These productions will occasionally require players to do more than just play and march. Complicated visuals and drill suggestions will be noted to help improve the general effect of the performance. Tempo, Meter, and Key Changes are not limited in this series.

What You Get

Included with every production:

*Score and Parts to your production (if you took advantage of our modular part program, your score will include the exact instrumentation that you requested) Parts and Score will have all battery stickings as well as suggested stickings for difficult mallet passages.

*Creative and interesting Warm-Ups designed to develop general techniques as well as specific techniques for each ensemble.

*CD of your production with the following tracks

*Full Recording
*Recording split into drill moves
*Recording of Drum Book
*Recording of Pit Book
*Individual tracks of each instrument
*Video of Drill synchronized with music.

*Suggestions for thematic aspects of your production

*MMP Shirt for directors

*Great customer service to maintain total satisfaction

Options you may want to choose for an extra fee:

*Personal attention from the writing staff throughout your season (answering questions, fixing typos, altering parts as needed, and anything else you need

*Custom T-Shirts for every productions (other custom apparel available)

*Consultation with directors about what you could do to increase general effect of your production

*Clinics with your ensemble for your production (regional limitations may apply).

*One Season Regional Protection for ensembles competing at the same contest. (would need to be renewed if performed in later years)