iX Symposium Montreal

May 21th starts the Symposium on Immersion & eXperience at the SAT, Montreal, focusing on fulldome and new media art. There will be talks, presentations and demos of cutting-edge technology by many well-known figures in that area.

As an invited speaker, i will talk about audio-visual fulldome and demonstrate the technology we are currently using to create 3D audio animations in-sync with fulldome animations. The SAT-Dome, or SAT[o]SPHERE, is well equipped with audio gear and a 150+ speakers which will be used to create virtual acoustics in the audio sessions, starting May 25th, 2:30pm.

UPDATE: I’ve been there in 2015, presenting the Matrix Optimizer software. That year was really amazing. I met a bunch of very nice and interesting people and almost all of my friends from previous years. If you ever come to Montreal, go visit the SAT. It is an outstanding place!

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