The search engine at sat, montreal

Recently, musician and audio-visual artist DJ Food (Strictly Kev) screened his brand-new fulldome show “The Search Engine”, live at the “Satosphére” in Montreal, Canada. The Stratosphere is an amazing and probably unrivaled fulldome environment with a vast amount of projectors and speakers, capable of fully surrounding the audience with music, imagery and anything, the fulldome community can come up with today, at any quality, pre-produced or real-time, while visitors lie on the floor, normally 😉

we are grateful to have been able to collaborate with Kevin on his exciting 50+ minutes piece in the form of a few short scenes in the style of our Matrix Optimizer 1 & 2 shows. the next certain date his show will be screened is at the FULLDOME UK 2012, from 16th to 17th November at The National Space Centre in Leicester.

a review of the event can be found on Kevin’s website, also this nice cut-up from one of the organizers.

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