Tribal Rites

Title: Tribal Rites
Show Duration: 4:00
Price: $200 (Music Only)
Difficulty: Advanced
Mallet Score: James Hendrix
Battery Score: James Hendrix
Drill Available: Yes (Custom Only)

From our Advanced Series, Tribal Rites is written to evoke the feel and spirit of ancient tribal lands. The music begins with a slow mysterious build using repeated rhythmic figures in all parts that segue into a small feature for the battery percussion. The piece then transitions into a 12/8 section that allows the mallet percussion to take the lead as the battery adds visual interest to the performance. The 12/8 section is closed with high energy at the initial tempo. Then the music suddenly changes speed through use of a metric modulation. The section that follows gives extended features to each battery group and is ended with a large and violent opportunity for the mallet percussion to add visual interest to the piece. Tribal Rites finally comes to a close with a richly textured tribal groove and transition into and exciting and intense finish.

This is sure to be a crowd pleaser and will make your group sound great. Part Customization, as well as Custom Drill, is available.

Tribal Rites Audio Sample ( KB / Time- 1:04 ) (MP3 Audio File)

Tribal Rites Score Sample (193 KB / Pages 1-3) (XPS Document)

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