Title: Utopia
Show Duration: 4:30
Price: $175 (Music Only)
Difficulty: Intermediate
Mallet Score: Drew Morris
Battery Score: James Hendrix and Drew Morris
Drill Available: Yes (Stock and Custom)

Utopia is a musical portrayal of a fictional city whose gleaming buildings are nothing but a façade. Throughout the piece, the perfect society is exposed for what it truly is, a lie built on the sweat and hard work of the working class. Eventually, the workers have enough and the piece ends with an exciting musical revolution.

Utopia is an intermediate contest piece. It is designed for a group with moderate experience. The production opens with light mallet and cabasa building to the first full ensemble hit at letter A. The first half of the piece is filled with lots of interplay between the drumline and pit. The middle of the piece, the “Depression” section is a mallet feature with a chance for the drumline to march more complex drill while they don’t have to worry about playing. When the drumline enters again, the music reaches the “Factory” section, a great general effect moment, this is one of the more challenging mallet sections. There are 8 measures of alternating solos in the keyboards with quite a bit of chromaticism. After the Factory, the drumline gets their chance to play their solo features and the show finishes with the “Revolution” a high intensity 12/8 finishing section.

Leave your audience wanting more with this exciting composition. Part Customization, as well as Custom Drill is available.

Utopia Audio Sample (960KB / Time- 1:00) (MP3 Audio File)

Utopia Score Sample (190KB / Pages 1, 4, and 6) (XPS Document)

For purchase information please email: [email protected]

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