What You Get

Included with every production:

*Score and Parts to your production (if you took advantage of our modular part program, your score will include the exact instrumentation that you requested) Parts and Score will have all battery stickings as well as suggested stickings for difficult mallet passages.

*Creative and interesting Warm-Ups designed to develop general techniques as well as specific techniques for each ensemble.

*CD of your production with the following tracks

*Full Recording
*Recording split into drill moves
*Recording of Drum Book
*Recording of Pit Book
*Individual tracks of each instrument
*Video of Drill synchronized with music.

*Suggestions for thematic aspects of your production

*MMP Shirt for directors

*Great customer service to maintain total satisfaction

Options you may want to choose for an extra fee:

*Personal attention from the writing staff throughout your season (answering questions, fixing typos, altering parts as needed, and anything else you need

*Custom T-Shirts for every productions (other custom apparel available)

*Consultation with directors about what you could do to increase general effect of your production

*Clinics with your ensemble for your production (regional limitations may apply).

*One Season Regional Protection for ensembles competing at the same contest. (would need to be renewed if performed in later years)

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